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    Retro80s90s WYDD-FM


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Experience the digital 80's  & 90's  music sound on Live365

   MultiMedia  Interactive Radio Talk Radio Network

Provides you, the internet radio listener with 5- digital and HD audio quality channels of internet radio and internet web sites at your finger tips. From 60ís,70s, 80s and 90s pop and classic hits, 70ís classic rock , to 80ís and 90ís hits, also the new and original Radio Talk Radio Network RTRN, programs and news, including on demand pod-casting channels and much more. Experience the world of I-Net- Radio and the Radio Talk Radio Network.

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Streaming on the net since the year 2000


Launched November 23rd of 2006. Retro 80's & 90's Rewind, plays a blend of upbeat 1980's, 90's and Early New Millennium classic rock, top 40 hits, dance, new wave and alternative.


  Welcome To Retro 80s & 90s Rewind Radio

Congratulations. You made a great choice.You'll find that  Retro 80s & 90s Rewind Internet radio will revolutionize your radio listening experience.

As a  Retro 80s & 90s Rewind Radio listener, you can unleash the full potential of your computer, Wi-Fi radio, I-Pod, iPhone,Touch, iPad mobile smart phone, or Roku on your HD TV and enjoy the programming in HD sound quality anywhere that only Internet radio technology can deliver, 24 hours a day 7 day a week, even with your mobile smart phone or Iphone plugged directly into to a car radios MP3 input jack, or listen in on a clear FM frequency with an FCC approved portable mini low power I-pod FM transmitter connected to your smart phone. On older vehicles listen in and connect a cassette audio adapter to your smart phone or IPhone to your car radio.

This web page will help you get the most out of the Retro 80s & 90s Rewind music radio experience. You'll see, touch and hear the difference with the powerful interactive on demand player that provides Retro 80s and 90s radio instantly, one click of a mouse with the easy-to-use on demand web player, or our desktop player, so you can listen when you want instantly, at work, home, or with your mobile smart phone or media player.

Thank you for choosing retro 80s & 90s music radio; now get ready to experience the power of Internet radio.

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Back On The Air. The New Blazing R&B and Old School .

All Blazing 80s & 90s R&B and Old School All The Time.




       Retro Eclectic Hits Radio WIXZ 60s & 70s Music Radio

Retro Eclectic Hits Radio WIXZ 60s & 70s Music Radio,The Sound Track Of The 60s and 70s With a Touch Of The Early 60s Sounds. All 60s & 70s All The Time!

Streaming on the net since the year 2000. WIXZ 60's & 70s plays the music with the original 60's and 70's Radio sound wrapped inside a contemporary format. Retro 60's and 70's mixes a wide blend of up beat Pop, Top 40 and Classic Rock 24/7






( WKCMR ) The Power  

Launched July 5th, 2007 (WKCMR) Radio-180 The Power  Broadcasts the latest  Christian alternative contemporary hits live, 24 hours a day via the AIR1 radio network on . 

To listen ,click on the Radio 180 picture banner below.

Experience the digital Contemporary Christian Hit music sound !

WRTRO-TV RetroVisons 60s ,70s ,80s 24 Hour Internet TV Channel !

 Now you can view your favorite Retro 60's ,70s & 80s TV programs online, on demand, 24 hours a day in digital quality on our new WRTRO-TV RetroVisons 60s ,70s ,80s TV Channel. WRTRO-TV brings to the internet 5 Retro TV channels, the Retro 70s Comedy TV, Retro 70s Action TV, Retro 60s & 70s Mystery TV, Retro 60s Sit Coms, and Retro 60s & 70s Sci-Fi TV. Classic TV programs like WKRP In Cincinnati ,The A Team, Kojak, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Star-Trek and much more. Click on the banner below and check out WRTRO-TV RetroVisons 60s ,70s ,80s TV.

                                                                     Retro 80s Rock Hits Videos

Retro AMC American Motors TV Commercial




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